This is a quick list I made up for myself. I haven’t checked the links yet (to see if they work). If there are any errors, tell me!

Ren Hutching: Adult Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction

Anna Kaling: SF (& other genres), not fantasy

G.L. Jackson: Urban fantasy & soft SF

Kristen Lepionka & Ernie Chiara: adult mystery/thriller/suspense/crime, literary fiction, urban fantasy, and LGBTQ+ stories

Michael Mammay & AR Lucas: SF&F

Paris Wynters: SF (& other genres), not fantasy

K.A. Black: SF&F

Ian Barnes: Fantasy inc. sci-fantasy, not SF

Keena Roberts: SF&F

N.E. Davenport: SF&F

Anne Raven and Janet Walden-West: Romance & fantasy

Kat Enright & Kalyn Josephson: Speculative (SF, F & horror)

Gladys Qin: SF&F

Clay Harmon: SF&F

Jake Nicholls: SF&F

Denny Bryce & Leslye Penelope: Fantasy, romance (F, SF & PNR) & historical

Morgan Rogers: magical realism & soft fantasy

Rob Hart: mixed genres, not full on fantasy

Maria Heater : SF&F, Historical and Contemporary.

Nicole Glover: F & SF (on the softer side)

Cole Nagamatsu & Sequoia Nagamatsu: magical realism, literary spec fiction, SF&F but not high fantasy or military SF

Matthew Quinn: F & some related genres

Stephen Morgan: genre mash-ups

Roma Panganiban: literary fiction, speculative fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, historical, mystery, sci-fi, and memoir

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