Went out for lunch with Mum, Ben, Nicquel, her family, and Nan. Being Sunday there weren’t many places open so we went to Samuel Pepy’s, a new cafe place. They don’t seem to be set up to well for large groups but handled it pretty well. I had a Big Brekkie (bacon, salami, little sausages, spinach, mash & toast) which was good, also some Melbourne Breakfast tea in a pot. Order a cup but he offered me a pot for the same price. A pot is a bit too big though, and the last half was cold. Not sure I like the T2 teas that much either, although they have a nice chai.

I came home with 3 tea infusers. Two small ball ones that I bought at Your Habitat just beforehand, because I wanted one that will fit in the single-serve-sitting-on-cup tea pot, and a manatea from Nicqual (also cat & mouse bookends). Mother gave me a couple of tops I’d already tried on, and $100. Will have to decide which books to get with that. I was going to get the Confession DVD but having found it cheaper somewhere else and adding in a Your Voice rewards voucher, I’ll take it out of Book/DVD budget instead.

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