Mag gave me doors, which was hard because… I’ll admit it, I really like taking photos of doors. So I have a lot, even just looking through random folders I found a lot so I had to cull it down to the more interesting ones, but still there is a lot. I think there needs to be more sharing of door photos in general, so I am making 2017 the Year of Sharing Door Photos*. See, the thing about door photos is they draw attention to (architectural) details that generally get overlooked as part of the bigger buildings. So they matter! Also they’re cool.

However, on looking for these photos I have noticed mosto f the time, it is not about the door as the surrounds. As with the Empire Hotel at Queenstown above. While the door itself has some interest, it is the lead-up that really makes it.

Same here, it is the sandstone surround that makes the door. This one is Hobart. Possibly State Government buildings in Davey Street.

More State Government buildings, in Launceston in a converted very late-Victorian terrace. I think that is one where the door itself makes the rest stand out.

Some Art Deco doors. Judging by the reflections, the TAFE bulding in Wellingston St (LTC = Launceston Technical College)

That one is all about the surrounds. A of industrial architectural detailing on a former woollen mill in Hobart.

This one is very much about the location

in the side of a hill! Maria Island.

Prison doors at Port Arthur show the other interesting aspect of doors: their hardware. Locks and handles, especially big, old ones are fascinating.

Administation entrance at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery. It’s blue because of Dark Mofo.

This door wants you to do more of what makes you happy.

I couldn’t get a good photo of this door, but you get the idea. At Eaglehawk Neck, in a house that has been a lot of changes over time.

This might be Maldon. I love this one with the elaborate details “hiding” under the single-coloured paintwork, but there’s just enough contrast between the green walls and white wood to draw attention. Just enough to imagine what it would have looked like.

This might be the cathedral in Bendigo. Look at the hinges!

This one needs the whole front, for the door, surrounds and window above are all elements the belong together. I know this because I cropped off the top and it really lost its characters. Administration black at Willow Court (former mental hospital), New Norfolk.

I have no idea where this one is. Not even what city. But I like it. The details on the door. The way the green/blue of the door goes with the red/blue of the bricks.

Penny Royal Windmill (part of a larger tourist complex), Launceston

Churches have the best doors. St John’s Anglican Church, Launceston

Beechworth.  That’s all about the hardware.


I think this in is Sydney. It gets bonus points for bigness.

Synagogue in Hobart: trapezoidal entrance, rectangular doors.

And, finally, side entrance to Theatre Royal Hotel, which is just decorative enough to draw attention without being over the top.


*The Door Challenge: post photos of doors! Easy!

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