So the mail didn’t bring me the books it should have brought, but it did bring me some postcards This one is Alexandra Bridge at the Cataract Gorge.

Which is sort of this view.

It’s one of those pictures where the more you look at it, they more you see.

Guess where this is!

This one shows why it’s good to have the originals even when there are digitised copies online… you can scan them in at a high resolution and look at the details in the background, even the writing on the buildings (in this bit, Esk Brewery & Steam Pack Hotel).

You might have seen this one before.

And finally Zeehan. Zeehan postcards are hard to get, but this one was damaged.

This is the main street.

That is, this street from the opposite direction. (See, you see the theatre on the left here and on the top right, just as the corner starts in the older one.)

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