Walked down to Tailrace Park, about twenty minutes walk away, to do some reading.

Had a thought about names & secondary fantasy worlds. To make they’re believable and sound like they’re from the same culture, I like to find lists from actual times & places. Ideally, a list from a census or something. So you have names of people who actually lived together in one place! But more often these days lists people have made from a variety of related sources.

The problem then, as the names are associated with a particular culture or place, shouldn’t the fantasy place also be based on, or at least inspired by the same source? But I don’t want to build my fantasy world on particular times/places/cultures. So how do I get names? Make them all up from random syllables. (No!). So stuck with finding names.

(Gum tree at the Tailrace that I was going to sit under but it had too many ants so I braved the native hens & seagulls and found a table instead.)

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