Just after take-off and plane was headed south so that must be the east of Launceston.

The Melbourne to Launceston photos are more interesting. There was much less cloud and the plane went a long way south over a landscape that is quite bizarre from above, also less bits of plane in the photos. (When I booked the tickets I selected seat 30A, which has no wing, but when I went to check-in it seemed there were only 29 rows of seats and I had to pick seat, whereas coimng home I had 30A.) Still, if you’re still reading, some photos from plane.

Evandale, south of the airport, where the plane must have turned about here.

By the time it was over Launceston, it was getting into the clouds. You can still see the rivers. The shiny South Esk & Trevallyn Dam to the left and the Tamar heading up into the mist. The streets must West Launceston/Summerhill area. Was all clouds after that.

Except for this break near the coast. The mouth of the Tamar. (Greens Beach across back to Port Sorell/Hawley area under the cloud.) Then more cloud over Bass Strait.

Finally there’s Melbourne. You can see the city centre on the horizon, on the right (click on photo for a bigger version).

There’s a lot of Melbourne.

Going down now!

Airport! (Bet you didn’t guess that 🙂

And on the ground! Yay!

And there is the plane reflected in the windows.

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