because I haven’t been to NSW much, in particular that bit that was frequented by Gardiner and friends. But I have been to Cockatoo Island gaol, where Gardiner was imprisoned before he become infamous.


Also, I have a photo of this lovely pair of  Staffordshire figures at the National Museum demonstrating how to adapt to a local  market on the cheap. Right: Dick Turpin. Left: Frank Gardiner.

Sydney police museum has a bushranger room but it’s a bit weak as museum exhibits go. Mostly reproduced photos and guns.

A Colt revolver which was used by police in the 1860s (and I gave to MC in Bail Up, for the two people that have read that :).

“This revolver was found on the body of Ben Hall when he was shot at Billabong Creek.” Hall being an associate of Gardiner.

And if I’m going with associates, I’ll stretch that a bit more and included Dan Morgan’s grave, at Wangaratta.

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