Something of a conflict: I like visiting the weekend markets but not so keen on the 4 hour round trip involved in getting to the nearest one.

It goes like this:

Leave home and catch the bus that goes past about 10.56 am into the city.
Arrive in city about 11.10 am (the same time or just after the bus to Mowbray leaves from the other end of the mall.)
Walk out to Inveresk market site, which is about half an hour. (What’s interesting, for those who if you’d think one you cross the bridge and arrive at the entrance to the car park at Inveresk that you’re nearly there, but it’s really only half way. There’s another kilometre to walk, (add Google Maps agrees.) So arrive about 11.40-11.45
Spend about 45 minutes at the market.
Leave at 12.30 to walk out to the main road to catch the bus back into city.
Arrive back in city about 12.55
Hang around in city for 1 and 3/4 hours waiting for next bus home.
Get off bus about 2.56 pm.

See, 4 hours! Not counting time it takes to walk to and from bus stop. I can’t see a better way to do it though. Almost seems easier to catch a bus down to Hobart instead.

Anyway, I bought some DVDs, as I usually do, and a some pretty rocks. I am thinking I might see how how many different colours of rocks I can get. That will give pretty rock collection a focus, rather than “anything that looks cool”. So I have a big chunk of agate (I love agate) with a white-fractured effect inside. I found the gem-stone stall when I first arrived. I mean, it’s the first stall inside the door, and it’s new, and it had lots of “pretty rocks” but this one I kept thinking about while I was walking around so I went back to get it later. Also a little piece of pink, I think it was fluorite. Looks like this, but cheaper.

One of the main reasons I went in though was to take advantage of the long wait and get some editing done while having lunch, which I did. So that was all good. Not so good that I got sun burnt though.

(Image: former diesel workshop at Inveresk railyard, taken over by School Of Architecture. It’s on the walkway that runs through the Inveresk precinct from bridge to near market. I love the windows. I probably take a phot every time I walk past.)

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