Did some tweaking of website. I added thumbnail images to the Recent Posts (see, on the right there), tried to work out why Top Posts is obsessed with Lefroy, and  changed the images at the top to my postcards, like I have on the home page for the website. Have to see how that looks on a (larger) desktop screen.

Also added a bit to the front page (that’s the home page for the whole site) so it shows the most recent posts from some of the other blogs.

This took me hours! Stupid fiddly things.

(I had INTENDED to start another blog (ha) about (Victorian) fashions & furnishings. I spend too much time trying to work out what people wore or what their houses were like etc. so I want to gather links, images & bits of text into one place so I can find these things easier. Sort of like 432 Pages but with other people’s stuff; but it can wait.)

(Also, have you noticed these posts (usually) have Related Posts links underneath? Some weird associations going on there.)

(Feature image: Pompeii postcard, because you don’t  many old Pompeii postcards.)

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