Brain is throwing tantrums.

“Don’t want to work on research paper. Can’t do it. Too hard. Too Hard. TOO HARD.”
“How about I just read a few things and make notes?”
“Just one article?”
“But it’s about–”
“No. Want to write.”
“But every time I try, you start stressing out about research paper.”
“Want to write.”
“OK so I’ll open–”
“Want to write Goldfields story.”
“No fucking way.”
“Yes. Now.”
“But the beginning is boring–”
“Can be fixed.”
The middle has imploded–
“Can be fixed. Maybe.”
“And the end is bitsy, and there is too much reading to do and it’ll be the third time I’ve tried and really it’s too much work to get it done.”
“So what’s the rush? What do you do when you finish something anyway? Let it sit on the computer.”
“Point. OK so I’ll open up Word and–
“Should be working on research paper. NOW”

Apparently the solution is to put four songs on repeat and turn them up way loud. (Sounds of Silence, The Boxer, Winds of Change & Beneath the Southern Cross.) Also a random picture.


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