So Joee gave me Grass as a theme. I have lots of photos of grass, usually taken from a car, but I think when it comes to grass, we have to talk about Maria Island. Now for those not familiar with Maria Island, it is a small island off the east coast of Tasmania and the main tourist part is up in the top north-east corner. So far corner of small island. I’d show it on Google Map but the location pointer covers that bit. The view above is the island from the ferry. It looks much as you expect: hilly, lots of trees except in some bits that have been cleared for building.

Getting off the ferry, similar sort of view. From here you can go around to the right to Darlington, or head up the hill to the left and the Fossil Cliffs walks.

So up the hill, which is your typical hill. (That is the mainland of Tasmania in the background. As a side observation, the same name is used for the group of the island and the big island in the middle.)

At the top of hill, amongst the trees, is this big barn

and a cemetery. You can the barn at the back there. But on leaving the cemetery

there is grass. Nothing but grass, grass and more grass until you reach the sea. (Tasman Sea, if you’re wondering.) And actually, that’s not on leaving the cemetery, this is photo is taken

after this one, loking back towards the barn and all the grass we’ve already walked over. You can just see the cemetery fence (running left to right along the top of the hill). ALL THIS GRASS in the tip of the NW corner of a small island.

And the more you walk, the more grass.

More grass. I think that area of a different colour and the sign are a landing strip, put there on account of all the grass.

More grass.

And still going.

But it does eventually end, in cliffs! Grass, then nothing!

To finish, this photo because I like it. The contrast between the short, yellow grass and the tree-covered hill.

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