I want to get into the habit of using this Journal as journal, for the various reason it is a good idea. So, I’m going to post every day because that is a good way to develop a habit.

It might be a long post, a couple of lines or a picture. It might, well OK most likely will, be about whatever I’ve done that day, where it’s ideas from reading, interesting things I came across or just a note about where I went. f course, this means anyone following along at home will find themselves Very Informed about obscure aspects of those topics that interest me. Also a lot about mid-Victorian society as adapted ot local conditions because I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABUT THE 1870S but it seemed like a good idea to write a book set then.

Also, there will be at least one photo includes because the post format requires a picture or it uses the ugly default icon. When there is no picture relevant to the topic, I will use a random one from 2005, because it’s simpler..

Also, the way the way things are set up means these posts will be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook, then automatically copied from Twitter to Facebook, which means they’ll appear twice on Facebook. I’ll change that, but first I want to work out which format (straight to FB or via Twitter) works best.

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