This rather cool thing is at the Pioneer Settlement at Swan Hill.

Panel at entrance says:
The Pioneer Settlement’s Kaiser Stereoscopic Theatre is one of only two [three or four maybe] in the world, and the only one which operates all day, every day. The theatre can be seen as an early version of cinema, where views could come and have pictures shown to them to tell a story. In this case the story told is that of ‘The Grand Tour’.

Panel inside says:

This Kaiser Panorama Stereoscopic Theatre was once owned by a Mr. Forester was at one time owned by a Mr Forrester who travelled all over the country with it. He would rent an empty building in a town for a period of time and set it up. Then he could advertise the current ‘views’ on show and any changes to the program–just a like a cinema today. When patronage slowed he would move to another town.

So you sit down on a seat

And look through the two eye holes

And you see a picture like this but in 3D! Which is cool. And this one was particularly good because of the forward facing wings.

And then you look at all the other interesting places. (Nice)

More information (Wikipedia).

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