From 1833 Police Act and 1838 Police Act:
“From time to time to allot a number to each house in every street or pubic place with the said Towns which number the occupier of every house is hereby required to paint or affix or cause to be pained or affixed in legible characters upon the door of his or her house within fourteen days after written notice from the said Town Surveyor”

From letter from James Henry, Town Clerk, to William Tyson (re: successuful tender for position of property assessor) Launceston 13 January 1853:
“You are required to fix a number to each house and other property liable to be assessed … and also to request the respective owners to mark such house or other building accordingly within one week after the note you give.”

From Launceston Examiner, 1884:
“There is some talk now of numbering the houses in the different streets.”

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