In my Documents folder there is a folder called “Old Data”, which was copied over from the old laptop, andin there is a folder called “From other computer” which was copied over from the desktop computer that preceded the laptop, and in there is a flder called “Other Drive” which was copied over from the desktop comptuer the preceded the desktop computer that preceded the laptop. And in there is a folder Miscellaneous. This has stuff from my first Windows computer, back in 1996.

Actually, it has stuff from my first PC. Also, Libre Office opens .wps files quite nicely.

Oh, sometimes reading old computers files is a bad thing 🙁

I found some journal entries about our dogs. Probably of no interest to most people 🙂

(Now, I remember our first attempt at Fly Ball. Fly Ball is a team event for dogs. They have to run over a series of jumps, catch a tennis ball and run back. Good for Border Collies and the like. When it comes to little Jack Russell Terriers who are the same height as the jumps, there is some doubt as to their ability to do it. So little JR put his paws on tops and jumps over. But no, he has to clear them without touching say the instrustors. Well…)

24 October 1993

Typical Sunday morning. Having finished the beginners’ course at dog training, we had a 9.30 am start. I had arranged to pick Charlie up in the morning rather then take him home the night before. The reason for this being that Ben said he wanted to come. be ready at 9, I said.

I roll up at twenty minutes past nine, hook Jaz up to the kennel and grab Charlie, pausing just while his choke collar was fetched.

As we arrived, the group was starting so we played ‘ musical collars’ and lined up. Charlie was very excitable. “Dogs to play with!” “Dogs to play with!”

He was all over the place during training and at one point, during a sit-stay, escaped and ran over to play with Zoe. Then, just before the break, he decides to roll on his back rather then lay down. “You are not supposed to be burrowing, Charlie Brown.” says the instructor. He remembers his name! I guess it is rather distinctive.

Fortunately, after the break he had a chance to do something different. We were taken over to watch some more experienced dogs show off. First they ran over a series of low jumps, then pressed a lever which sent a ball flying, then caught the ball in the mouth. While this demonstration was on, Charles, Zoe and a couple of the other dogs were breaking there necks to get at the ball. Charlie managed to squirm out of his collar but I grabbed his back leg before he took off.

After this, the dogs were given the opportunity to learn it themselves. They thought this was great fun. The training has two parts. First, learn to catch a ball that is hurled into the air. Very tedious for a dog! The second part involved running over a series of low jumps. They were very low, so most dogs had to do little more then a large step, but for Charlie it came out as a high jump but he learnt to clear them with touching them.

The morning ended alright after this. Next week, I’ll let them spend the night before with Jaz. This will also rescue the rush the next morning.

(Photo: Zoe & Jaz having a shower. I think it preparation for Jaz’s first show.)

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