So back in October, we went to Port Arthur and did the Paranormal Experience and the regular Ghost Tour. These photos are from the Ghost Tour. It’s much like every ghost tour. A group of people follow the guide to each point, where they stand and listen while the guide tells a story, then onto the next one. Stay together. Don’t wander off.

(It’s rather fun if you like wandering around old buildings at night, if you’re staying in the area overnight, worth doing the tour.)

The first stop is the church. The red lights  in the tower are on all the time and obviously more noticeable at night. It does create an odd effect at times

especially from inside.

Lanterns + people + stone walls = interesting shadows

Moon + narrow, empty windows = interesting effects

The church from the other side. The site, in general, is dark. There are few lights and those tend to be focused on a particular feature. (as here). It was actually a bit darker around the church than the camera makes it appear.

To provide lighting, a few members of the tour group are given lanterns to carry. One of them was sent ahead at the Parsonage to knock on the door.

Inside Parsonage.

Outside the Junior Medical Officer’s House

and then behind the Chaplain’s(?) house, where we had to wait while the guide went down to open up the basement.

Down the basement, the morgue/dead room.

The final stop is the Separate Prison, where we stand, or sit, in one of the wings to listen to the last few stories.

Entrance to the Asylum, next door. That isn’t part of the tour. We just walked past.

Final debrief

and then walk back to the Visitor’s Centre, past these gate columns.

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