(Adelaide) News, 3 April 1944

SYDNEY.-The stripes are to disappear from the popular red and-white and black-and-white sweets known as bullseyes.

This War Organisation of Industry decision has been conveyed to the manufacturers. The department has further decreed that Sydney’s only sugar pig maker–Mr. Wilton, of Chippendale–must cease making this line and turn to jube-making, his jubes to be all of one color. Mr. Wilton has selected green.

His sugar-pigs, 3 1/4 in. long and 3 1/2 in. high, sold for sixpence each. Mr. Wilton said there would be no manpower saving by the change, which would involve altering his whole plant.

An investigator called on Mr. Wilton and urged him to change to a more useful kind of confectionery, otherwise his staff would probably be taken from him.

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