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Some photos from The World Inside: 125 years of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, which is bunch of interesting things put on display together. Which there should be more of. I mean, themed exhibitions that draw out meanings about the world and present artefacts within a greater context are good, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a bunch of interesting things in one room.

Unfortunately, said interesting things are mostly in glass display cabinets with lots of small spotlights over head, and if you were to make a list of bad conditions for taking photos in, glass display cabinets with lots of small spotlights over head would have to rate somewhere near the top. Also, it was only a quick visit. But it gives you an idea of the sorts of interesthing things that were there.

Someone really needs to put together an exhibition of things casting shadows on the wall. (The skeleton of a dolphin that rather foolishly made its way up the Tamar c.1900.)

Ivory, but I seem to recall they were from something other than elephants, at least some of them. Walrus?

You are being watched. More for the shadow collection


Things the Romans lost in Britain nearly 2000 years ago.


Roman oil lamps.

Some of the exhibits have their original tags, which are interesting.

The right label is hard to read so:

Head of a Mummy
Over two thousand six hundred years old.
This man lived in the reign of Rameses III
–700 B.C.–
Given by Lady Dry

I think this is a good way to display lantern slides.

When aluminium foil goes bad!
Or a tin splash from Mt Bischoff.
You decide.

This is a REALLY BIG chunk of crocoite.

So it gets a second photo to admire it’s bigness. (Just imagine it being a darker orange, more like this.)

To finish off, another REALLY BIG CHUNK of King Billy pine. Unfortunately, a lack of anything to use for scale makes it look smaller.

So have a close-up instead.

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