Joee gave me the topic “Horses”, which reminded me of these photos from 2004. The National Trust house Clarendon has an annual fair, and in 2008 we held a stall there. (Selling coins, stamps, things in frames, collectable cards & whatever else we could get, as we did then.) Behind us, the Australian Carriage Driving Society was holding a “Concour d’elegance”. I came across those photos the other day and was wondering about them. I shared some at the time but I like photos of horses moving. Also finding out information about the types of carriages is more difficult than it should me. Why can’t there just be a book or website that shows pictures of the different types with a caption? (Actually, I do have a book, Coach Builder’s Book Of Design, which has line drawings of the different types. I wonder if I can match them to photos I have, in conjunction with labels in photos, and make something useful?)

Anyway, photos of well-groomed horses doing things. Never have too many photos of well-groomed horses doing things.





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