So this is the Flower & Garden Festival at the Albert Hall. I don’t know why they call them festivals, they’d do better with show or something. Anyway, whatever you want to call it, it has…

lots of flowers

and displays about native flora ( Pterostylis pedunculata, a native orchid)

and fauna (Wedge-tailed eagle).

and commercial exhibits with a flower/garden theme

and exhibits that don’t actually have much to do with flowers or gardens

and books

and, um, things made out of flowers. Close up

and um… whatever that is

Anyway, you get the idea. A lot of the commercial exhibits had interesting side displays too.

And there were a lot of succulents for sale. More than anything else. I get it. They’re boring.



OK some of them aren’t boring. (These were $35 in 2016.)

Kelp baskets. If I remember correctly, the one at the back is a traditional one and the little ones made by the ranger who was talking about them. He goes around to school and talks to kids about them.

Much lavender at Bridestowe.

Artist drawing really detailed botanical-style drawings.

Hellebores! Winter flowering colour.

Fritillarias are cool, especially the purple ones

More little orchids

Cacti are much more interesting than succulents (are you going to argue with them?). Also I have one of those like the one in the foreground, except it’s not as tall and has lots of small towers (and it needs repotting but I don’t have potting mix for it).

Instant  gardens! Left and right

And, to finish off, some entries in the flower arranging competition.

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