This is Christmas Day, at Mum’s place, Youngtown. While we waited for the others to arrive, we played Racko.

Then Nicquel turned up with Jess,


and Erin.

Now that everyone was here, the table was prepared for lunch, so we could eat, but first

the treasure for melted gold chocolate coins.

Finding these was usually a collaborative effort.

FirstĀ  course is salads, with a Very Nice Waldorf Salad on the right.

Once much salad had been consumed, it was present opening time.

There was some confusion other who was giving out the presents. First, there were two Santas and then none.

It was very exhausting.

These are some things I happened to find sitting on the floor afterwards.

Also a cool map.

Next came dessert, which included chocolate mousse in individual glass. Being the first, and last, time Mum made it.

Then came the serious part: the cracker pulling!

Followed by the telling of bad cracker jokes.

Star Wars cracker meant any hard decision over which character to take.

Crackers had a trivia question, stickers, game token and required paper hat. Little Lego guy wasn’t in a cracker. He used to sit on my laptop but a while back he disappeared. He turned up in the bag with last year’s crackers in it!

Post cracker devastation.

Next we had to play the games that was in the Star Wars crackers.

With a convincing win, by half-a-board by the superior team

Despite a left-over from last year’s cracker game offering assistance

Then we had to play last year’s cracker game.

Then we played Cluedo, the obligatory Christmas game. Then other games, which I missed because I had a nap.

After nap, we went up to Nan’s place, where. camera didn’t go. Here we ate some leftovers and prawns, talked to people, and came home.

The End.

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