Last month, I did a post on the Post Arthur Ghost Tour, which is your standard ghost tour: a group of people follow the guide to each point, where they stand and listen while the guide tells a story, then onto the next one–stay together–don’t wander off. The Paranormal Investigation Experience is… not like that.

The Penitentiary (above and below) isn’t part of the tour, but it’s had a recent makeover which includes lights so it looks cool at night.

The first stop is the Commandant’s House.

So here we are in the front all. (Before we left, we were given various bits of ghost finding equipment: cameras (I had my own), voice records, ghost energy detecting thingies (I forget the name) and little torches. I ended up with some divining sticks that apparently start swinging about when they detect ghost energy. I can tell you, they also start swinging about when you’re just standing in the Visitor Information Centre wondering why these things are swinging about.) And the guide says we’ve got twenty minutes, go away and see what you can find.

So we wander off into the dark house, up and down stairs, and around the halls (it has a lot of halls) and in and out of room, with just our little torches for light.

This room is usually closed off for visitors by a barrier at the door, but she moved it aside for us to go in.

This is the little torch . Camera insisted it was too dark for photos so I had to shine the torch on something, get camera to focus on that, which set timer off and then turn camera to what I what I actually wanted to photograph

such as this dark room. It was dark. There was no light in here. Cameras are weird.

Some camera would agree to take a photo without going through the whole focus elsewhere/timer thing, but then there was the light from the torch. But that does give a better idea of how dark it was.

The back bedroom is one of the haunted rooms.

Next stop on the tour is the Parsonage, which is the most haunted building on the site, as any good travel website will tell you

Green is normal. Red is ghost energy.

I’ll turn off my torch.

Is creepy without any added ghosts.

I just like that photo 🙂

Now down into another bit that’s not open during the day. The regular ghost tour takes you into the room with the table.

That’s this one.

But there are other rooms down there too. I think this one was the actual morgue (for storing dead bodies).

But we don’t get much time down here so I didn’t get to the other room/s,

The next stop, and where most of the time is spent, is the Separate Prison. The lollies and bags are left on the table in middle of the central part and we go off to wander about in the dark. (Note the entrance to wing A behind).

And the (one time) entrance to wing B there on the adjoining wall to A, if you allow for the corner.

So that’s looking down A wing to the windows at the end, with B off to the right.

And that’s C wing.

A ghost hunter looking at something above them.

The stairs up to the chapel. There’s a bell to the right.

I like that photo, for reasons I’ll have to show in another post.

This is the chapel.

I put camera on the slowest shutter speed. That’s Freya to the right, she’s not a ghost and a shadow behind the pulpit, because pulpits don’t usually move.

And to finish off in here, one of the solitary cells.

Leaving now, part the Asylum next door.

To the church! Where the moon was doing interesting cloud things.


And once you throw in the red lights from the bell tower, it just gets odd.

So that’s our paranormal investigation experience!

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